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PROBLEM – When using crutches, how do you carry a hot drink or plate of food?

SOLUTION – attach a Carry-clamp!

Background to Carry-clamp

In the past 4 years I have used crutches on 3 occasions. I came up with a number of techniques for carrying various items – plastic bags are useful and it is possible to carry a glass of cold drink using your forefinger & thumb to hold the base & still be able to grip the crutch. But I found it impossible to carry a plate of food or cup of hot drink. If I prepared something to eat and drink in the kitchen then this is where I would invariably consume it!

My initial thought was to design a collapsible tray that would attach to the crutch and one side would be used to carry a plate & the other side would be used to carry a cup. I sought input from a friend who manufactures various products (Trubend) and together we came up with the use of the clamps.

I have tried the product and it works. I would advise putting cling film over both the plate of food & cup of hot drink. The cup should only be half filled to avoid unwanted spillage. A cup with a round handle is easier to grip. It is possible to buy a cup with fitted lid which we are currently looking at sourcing.

My crutches cost £24 so this product needed to be comparably priced. Our introductory price is £14.75 (UK - Including VAT and P&P) - this includes both clamps & the 2 connectors (horizontal & vertical).

The aim of this product is to provide you with the means to be able to carry objects and thereby give you back some independence when using crutches.

Your feedback on the product would be greatly appreciated.

Trubend Manufacturing Ltd is the sole distributor of Carry-clamp.

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